Jose Gourmet Spiced Octopus in Olive Oil

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Tender tentacles caressed in chili oil—peppy, bold, desirable. Supremely seasoned flavors ebb and flow between a silky essence and piquant character. Catch the drift?

Portuguese octopus is top-of-the-line…not tough or chewy, this finely textured and spirited seafood is culinary ecstasy. There are more than 300 species of octopus in our super oceans. And you only need one (ours!) to fire up your appetite.

If variety is the spice of your life, open an assortment of complementary conservas for zestful enjoyment.

Pairing: sparkling white wines, e.g. prosecco, ciders, farmhouse ales, vodka cocktails, e.g. bloody mary, moscatel
Serving: mix with peppers, onions, EVOO, vinegar, coriander; serve on warm crostini; pair with cold potato salad
Region: Portugal