Jose Gourmet Sardines in Tomato Sauce

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A lustrous mouthwatering match. Sturdy sardines swim in a mildly sweet, juicy sauce. Firm, zestful, meaty—a dynamic duo of sleek fish and tantalizing tomato.

Imagine a terrace overlooking the sea, a glass of something cool, verdant landscape, and a plate of summer flavors…sardines in tomato sauce (sop it all up!) are Mediterranean paradise.

A classic for any occasion, our conserva is resplendently robust in taste and feels romantically old-fashioned—like a dapper top hat.

This silvery swimmer is packed full of calcium and vitamins D and B12. Talk about beneficial for your bones and your belly.

Pairing: white wines, e.g. vinho verde, stouts, whiskey cocktails, e.g. whiskey highball, port
Serving: enjoy with rustic bread; prepare an arugula salad with croutons; serve with red pepper and fresh cucumber slices
Region: Portugal

Ingredients: sardines, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, salt